Full-Service Remodeling by the Leading Home Remodeler

Do you have enough money to get your dream home?

Get a remodeling company to help you out. Remodeling is one of the easiest ways to get your dream house. This is because you no longer need to purchase a new plot of land. With your existing abode, have an expert do the necessary changes instead.

There are different companies out there that offer cheap services. However, they don’t deliver an exceptional workmanship. The company that you should hire is Rich's Home Improvement and Repair Service. We are a company that offers full-service remodeling in Portland, CT. Since 1997, we have provided our clients with exceptional services.

Our residential remodeling comes with a lot of services. From flooring to plumbing, we will take care of your home. There is no problem we cannot handle. This is because we are well trained and equipped to face challenges. We know how annoying it is to have constant repairs after a renovation. With us, we guarantee you that this doesn’t occur.

Our adherence to quality standards ensures quality hardwood floors and pipe systems. Not only that, but we go all out in satisfying our clients in any installation project. You may be wondering about our material’s quality. You should not be worried. This is because we use premium materials for all our projects.

We have quality drywall for those who want to divide or add a new space. We also have amazing electrical wires, panels, and breakers. Why settle for multiple services when you can get everything fixed by our home remodeler? Keep your home in tip-top shape by hiring us.

You can reach our home remodeler by calling us at (860) 207-8381. We will gladly accommodate your requests and questions. Visit us in Portland, CT to know more about our services. We at Rich's Home Improvement and Repair Service will be happy to discuss, help, and inform you about the best ways to do a remodeling project.